My Poorly Drawn Life began with a single comic made for Hourly Comic Day back in 2006.

For those who don’t know, Hourly Comic Day is a yearly event that takes place on Feburary 1st. Artists all over the globe create a comic that chronicles every hour of their day and post them online. Search some out with the hashtag #hourlycomicday- they’re really fun to read.

Anyway, I had such a fun time making mine, I decided to keep making more comics, and before I knew it, I had hundreds of pages drawn and posted online. I loved that by keeping it “poorly drawn”, I didn’t have to worry about annoying things like proper perspective or proportions or legibility (just kidding… sort of! You’ve seen my handwriting.).

Basically, it was a rather cathartic and time-efficient way for me to be creative and record moments in my life, both good and bad.


My Poorly Drawn Life Classic spans from February 2006 to February 2008 and chronicles my life with my then husband, Will, and our two dogs Bailey and Oliver. It starts in New York and ends with our move to Los Angeles.

My Newly Blonde Life spans from February 2012 to August 2012. It covers a time in my life following my divorce when I decided to see if blondes really do have more fun! I also acquire a new dog, Max!

My Poorly Drawn Life is my current batch of comics, starting from Februrary 2016. It follows my life in L.A with my fiancé Sebastian and our dogs. Who knows what will happen? Keep reading to find out!


You’ll probably learn way more about me than you want by reading my comic, but my official bio is as follows:

I am a professional comic book writer and artist who has spent the past 10 years writing and illustrating, primarily for a young audience. My clients include Archie Comics, Dark Horse, and Marvel; I am best known for my work writing and drawing the 42-issue run of SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH. I am also the author the middle grade series, WARREN THE 13TH, published by Quirk Books. I currently live in Los Angeles with my fiancé, Sebastian, and our dogs Oliver and Max.



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